Trial By Jury.

When Selecting an Attorney, You Have the Absolute Right to Inquire as to the Lawyer's Jury Trial Record. You Have the Absolute Right to Select the Attorney That You Believe to be the Best Tax Lawyer for Your Case.

Written Narrative of Representative Cases

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Results of Federal Criminal Tax Trials and Other Economic Crimes 

Effective Criminal Tax Defense and Representation.

One of the most objective methods to determine the effectiveness of a lawyer is to review the lawyer's trial record.  A lawyer's trial record of not guilty verdicts, on all counts, is perhaps the most important factor when deciding whether to retain an attorney. A lawyer's jury trial record for the defense is a measuring stick that taxpayers use to determine the top criminal tax lawyers and the best tax attorneys. The federal government reports that over 80% of the persons that are the target of an investigation are indicted and over 90% of those indictments result in a criminal conviction. The odds for the defendant in a federal criminal tax case can be overwhelming.  To avoid discussing their trial record, for the defense in criminal tax cases, some lawyers talk about their contacts at the IRS or the local United States Attorney's Office. Perhaps they even worked for the government at one point in their career. Do not be misguided. Criminal tax cases are not decided by a lawyer's alleged contacts. Criminal tax cases are decided by evidence and the skill or lack of skill of the defense lawyer. The trial record of the defense lawyer is often a very good indication of the skill of the lawyer when defending criminal tax cases. The issue simply stated is: "does your attorney have the ability at trial to provide you with your best chance to win?"  Review the trial record of David M. Garvin. Feel free to compare his trial record to any other lawyer's trial record while representing the accused i.e., Defendant taxpayer.

Is There a Difference Between a Civil Tax Lawyer and a Criminal Tax Lawyer.

A common mistake made by clients is to hire a lawyer with only civil tax experience to represent them during the criminal investigation.   Criminal tax investigations are not civil tax audits and it is a mistake to treat them as the same. The damage done by this common mistake often goes unnoticed until an indictment is returned and a trial is scheduled. Upon learning that they may be the target of a federal investigation, people often begin looking for the best legal representation they can find. The problem is that most people do not know where to look or what questions to ask. They mistakenly believe that all tax attorneys are the same. this simply is not the case.  Most tax attorneys are transactional lawyers that focus on structuring civil business transactions in a fashion to reduce the tax obligation. These tax lawyers seldom go to trial. A second category of tax lawyers concentrate on civil tax controversies. These lawyers focus on audits, appeals and tax court. These are civil matters and are not decided by a jury. However, if you believe that you are under criminal investigation for a possible tax violation, your search should be focused on a criminal tax defense lawyer. At the Law Office of David M. Garvin, P.A., you will find effective legal advocacy when you need it most. Whether you are facing a complex tax controversy with criminal exposure or a single issue matter, will tirelessly defend your rights in court. When it comes to matters of tax law and criminal defense, it is best not to leave anything to chance or in the hands of someone without substantial experience. If your future is in jeopardy, it is vital that you obtain an experienced attorney with a proven trial record to preserve your interests and to protect your rights. At this point, your choice of representation could mean the difference between freedom and incarceration. If you need help with a criminal tax law issue and seek a qualified defense lawyer, do not hesitate to speak with an experienced Board Certified tax lawyer today. This area of law can easily become complicated with the volume of documents, forms, code sections and protocol requirements that must be followed. If you have been accused of tax fraud, tax evasion or any other tax related crime David M. Garvin, has the experience and knowledge necessary to fight in court, or to negotiate with the IRS, on your behalf.


When a jury finds no smoking gun (excerpt of article by Michael Putney in the Miami Herald, August 20, 2014)

"Why can't political corruption prosecutors win convictions in South Florida? The U.S. Attorney's office is 0-2 in recent months, failing to win guilty verdicts against mayors Michael Pizzi of Miami Lakes and Julio Robaina of Hialeah. Two big fish in the political corruption pool who are now swimming free.  * * *

In the Robaina case, when the clerk handed Judge Ursala Ungaro the note with their NOT GUILTY verdict, her eyes widened and she scrunched up her face in disbelief before handing it back to be read aloud. Her expression told me (and others in the courtroom) that she felt the prosecution had met its burden and proved its case beyond a reasonable doubt.

From the time I spent in Ungaro's courtroom I thought so too. Although to be positive in the Robaina case you'd need to be a forensic accountant. Nobody on the jury was. The Robainas' attorney, David M. Garvin (wife Raiza was also a defendant and cleverly also used Garvin), is an accountant as well as a lawyer, an expert in tax law who outgunned the prosecution."

David M. Garvin's clients Julio Robaina, the former mayor of Hialeah, and his wife Raiza were found NOT GUILTY on all counts.

Recognized Aggressive and Effective Representation

Mr. Garvin can provide aggressive representation in your time of need. He can help build an effective strategy to try to resolve your tax issues. Out of the approximate 50,000 lawyers practicing in South Florida, David M. Garvin was selected as the Winner of the prestigious Daily Business Review Award for "Most Effective Lawyer" in 2014 in the area of criminal law. He was also the Winner of the Daily Business Review Award for "Most Effective Lawyer " in 2010 in the area of complex litigation. Mr. Garvin is Martindale-Hubbell® "AV" rated and was selected for inclusion in the "Preeminent Bar Register" in both tax and criminal trial practice. Mr. Garvin has been selected by SuperLawyers® for the past 10 years consecutively.

Representing Taxpayers Nationwide

Aside from complex tax law cases, our firm handles criminal matters for our clients in the Miami area and nationwide. If you have been arrested for a crime, your fate rests in the hands of the criminal justice system. Without  a proper legal defense, your entire future could be in peril. The Law Office of David M. Garvin, offers aggressive federal white collar criminal defense for all tax and economic crimes.  If you have been arrested for a federal crime be sure to speak defense attorney David M. Garvin as soon as possible. He can aggressively and effectively fight to protect your rights.

Trial Results May Be Unique to Specific Facts of the Case

Cases presented are representative of the type of cases the law firm handles. Not all cases have been included.  The results of past cases are not indicative of future results. Each case has its own unique facts which substantially affect the  outcome. Perspective clients may not obtain the same or similar results.

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